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After 2 weeks closely working with Danny and the team, I was able to close 2 new prospects on retainer! And I'm working on getting more out of these 2 clients over time with the training Danny provided.

Marvin Jno-Baptist

"My prospect is already SOLD! I just have to get all the details together for her. She just messaged me back with the following message "Adrienne, my client tonight asked me if I sold singing bowls! AMAZING!!

So gratefull I get towork with you Danny! I foresee at least 3 or more sales a week"

Adrienne Igo

This triaining has been so beneficial in giving me confidence in building a real business by doing digital marketing. The trainings are easy and simple. He showed me how to have the proper mindset in having a profitable agency, the secret to finding high-paying clients and how our brand can grow faster and scale to another level.

After having so many trainings about building a digital Business, this stands out because it will show you that your dream of having a recurring monthly income is truly attainable when you become committed to it.

Phil Nuguid of GoViralTech.com

With just a few minutes into my first store, I just realized the real challenge is to commit to the Klickstore platform because the strategy is built into it, and if I'm able to show clients how it works, I won't even have to "sell"--they immediately see the value themselves!

James Imbong

I found working with Kimberly and Danny de Vries to be a great experience as an affiliate. Since my promotion I’ve heard good things from my customers about the support and customer service they have received, I know they do things the right way.

Martin Chrumlish

When I first saw Kim and Danny enter the Internet Marketing scene, I knew they were headed straight for success. Their most recent 6 figure launch proves their direction... straight to the top! As a trusted marketer myself, its great to see a team like this who cares about their affiliates as much as they care about their customers. I'm looking forward to their next product launch!

Cyril Gupta

Sam Bakker

Danny & Kimberly show that there is more than one way to skin a cat and start a business. Very good as usual Kimberly and Danny, very real and honest...uhmm looking for the thumb up thingy hmm...ok imagine a thumb up right here. Thanks Sam Bakker for doing the interview.

Srecko Olujic

Getting Results Will Be Inevitable!!!

“Danny is extremely knowledgeable and insightful both as a person and also when it comes to business. 

He has remarkable way of looking at problems and turn them into opportunities. His marketing and copywriting skills are undoubtedly top tier and the way he provides support is absolutely amazing! Loved every moment working with him and would love to keep working with him as long as I can. 

Would highly recommend him as a coach for any new or existing business, whether you want to start or grow your business, he's the best person I can recommend."

- Matthew Gordon

"This is a very special thank you message that I really felt like I had to make for you. 

Because I woke up today and I've got money in my Paypal and I've got money in my bank account and it's the middle of the month and that's such a great feeling. 

I don't know, I feel like my life is about to change financially. I have to thank you for that because I really haven't made money for about two years. 

So it's amazing and I feel like it's just the beginning of doing a lot of great things and to let you know that you know, people are actually paying, paying me so I'm really excited. So thank you!"

- Adrienne Igo

"I have known of Danny Devries for about 4 years, as a successful Internet marketer. We were building our product and serendipity hit! 

I engaged Danny to advise, guide and help up get to launch our product. Danny showed us how to properly price for the market, based on the VALUE of our product! We now have everything necessary to launch and be successful. 

Danny’s a true trainer, thoughtful, and providing us with the right number of tasks to work on between sessions. His goal is truly our benefit and success.

Hey, I don’t give recommendations to just anyone, but if you want the best of the best, you can stop looking. I plan on remaining with Danny for some time after our launch, his knowledge will have to become my / our knowledge before we feel no further need. But I know I can always come back for more training any time. I also want to keep Danny apprised of how we are doing.

Truly, Danny’s invaluable expertise has turned us around from newbies to having the best opportunity for success. Without his assistance, I fear we would undoubtedly fallen flat on our face. We owe Danny!

Thanks for everything Guru Danny, my mentor and friend."

- Dick Todhunter

“I just want to take a moment to give credit where it’s due. 

I had high expectations for a product that I’d designed. But after several launches, it wasn’t selling. A friend recommended that I worked with Danny. 

I did, and it is turning out to be the best decision ever. 

His knowledge about, and experience in launch marketing and sales is making all the difference. 

His coaching and support are outstanding. 

I look forward to every session with him, and you will too!"

- James Medley
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